Fair Use

If we notice an unusual pattern of returns activity, we may deactivate your account and any associated accounts as well. Down below are some examples of why your account would be deactivated:

  • Unauthorized returns 
  • Returning items that have been used/worn
  • Making a false damage claim to receive free return shipping label
  • Items returned don't match what you ordered
  • High rate of returns

Additionally, we reserve the right to deactivate any customers that have high volume of returns. Yes, it may sound harsh but reality is that returns cost money. High volume of returns mean high costs which means higher prices for our customers. We believe this is one of the costs that we are able to lower without lowering the quality of our products. We want to provide all of our customers with quality products with the best price that we can offer. 

If your account has been blocked/deactivated and you think we've made a mistake, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to look into it.